Welcome to LITHORAMA

Lithorama Boutique Suites are family owned suites located in Skala Potamia in stunning green environment of unique natural beauty. It offers a breathtaking view to the bay of Golden Beach with turquoise crystal clear water. Lithorama combines the relaxed ambience of the island with the refined hospitality and the incomparable luxury of modern boutique suite.

The building consists of five Maisonette Suites spread over two levels and and designed with an open gallery.The architectur e of suites harmonizes perfectly with the natural beauty of surrounding area and the interior design creates a sense of relaxation, serenity, and tranquility for each guest. Traditional natural stones decorate the whole building and this is where the name Lithorama comes from. "Lithos" in the ancient Greek means stone and "panorama" stands for the panoramic view.

Lithorama Features

Swimming pool

Parking spaces

Sea view


Cocktail bar

free WiFi

Beach paradise

In the high season from June to September, Lithorama is the ideal accommodation for vacationers who place high value on a sophisticated location in combination with a beautiful sandy beach. The sandy beach stretches over 2.8km and is the longest on the island of Thasos.

Hiking tourism

In the spring months from March to May there is a wide range of activities for hiking tourism. Thasos, known as one of the greenest Greek island, is a hiker's paradise with the mountain peak "Ypsarion" with 1200m height.


For the autumn months of October and November, agritourism has a lot to offer: Help with the olive harvest, press your own olive oil or collect wild oregano in the northern slopes of the "Ypsarion".