Skala Potamia & Golden Beach

Skala Potamia is located on the east coast of Thasos and is the municipality of Potamia, which is situated in the mountains. Skala Potamia also known as Chrysi Akti, which means "golden coast". Together with Chrysi Ammoudia, also known as Golden Beach, these two places form a picturesque bay with an emerald shimmering sea. Skala Potamia is a beautiful and cozy place, which counts a lot of tourists especially in the high season. Due to its proximity to Golden Beach, it offers a great bathing paradise. The communities Skala Potamia and Potamia together count about 1.200 inhabitants. The people here are engaged in agriculture and tourism. Skala Potamia is a beautifully situated coastal village, where the guest can relax very well.